28 Oct 2015

Spring Racing Carnival Tips

Life Hacks
Champagne Breakfast

Here are my top tips for a stress-free race day!

Tip #1

Start the day right. A cuppa made just the way you like it served up in your favourite mug followed by a hearty breakfast will see your day gets a clean jump out of the barriers, then you're off and running. Considering the season why not include some Champagne?

Tip #2

Shoes. Chances are there won't be anywhere to sit (except for the on the ground - don't be that person) so shoe choice is imperative. It's best to wear a pair that are tried and tested but if you do have new shoes for the day that you haven't had a chance to 'break in' yet here is a life hack that a good friend of mine passed on to me that might just save your tootsies:

Rub a white candle over the inside of the shoes in any places you predict will rub.
The candle creates a barrier between your skin and the shoe to help prevent blisters.
Nine West Mana Sandle
Nine West Mana Sandle in Taupe
I can't speak highly enough of these shoes, I love them and I plan to wear them to EVERYTHING! They are new season so you can buy your own here> 

Tip #3

Choose your hat wisely. There is nothing worse than having to navigate a packed crowed in a big ol' Kentucky Derby style hat. If you are going to one of the more popular race days it is best to stick to a smaller pillbox style hat or fascinator, save the wide brims for the quieter meets.
Race Day hats, fascinators
A selection of my favourites
Tip #4 

The Clutch Essentials. If you're anything like me the less you have to carry the better. I always take the smallest bag I possibly can and so have perfected my list of must carries. 
Inside my bag
Sunnies, pain killers, mini fragrance, mini sunscreen, bandaids, lipstick, hair pins, phone and your ticket! *don't forget your keys, photo ID and money.

My Clutch First Aid Kit: Mini Sunscreen, Pain Killers and Bandaids
A mini perfume is great for a quick top up during the day without sacrificing valuable bag space.
Tip #5

Be Prepared. Always pre-buy your ticket even if you intend on going General Admin. Don't waste your time waiting in lines outside of the track. If you can I highly recommend getting access into the members area; the drinks are better, the food options are better, the bathrooms are cleaner and generally the crowd isn't quite so packed in. A lot of tracks have awesome Young Members memberships for anyone under 30 so consider if it is worth signing up. I'm a Young Member at Moonee Valley Racing Club who are awesome at catering to a younger crowd. Example: delicious cocktails freshly shaken at the Cocktail Bar.

Cox Plate Form

Moonee Valley Winning Post

I hope everyone has a fantastic Spring Racing Carnival and tips a winner!



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  1. Excellent tips! I seem to remember buying one of those fascinators with you ;) xxx T