22 Nov 2015

Paris to Provence - French Festival

Vive La France!

This weekend played host to the Paris To Provence French Festival at Como House and Gardens, Melbourne. We sipped French wines and beer, ate more than we needed to and basked in the glorious sunshine with some pretty awesome people. 

The grounds of Como House are beautiful, but unfortunately I didn't get to go for a tour through the house itself. My favourite area was the Farmers Garden with all it's flowers in bloom.

It took us all about two loops around the merchants circuit to decide what to get for lunch because everything looked and smelled delicious. I decided on Rabbit Pie, a Saucisson Cone and some Macarons all washed down with French Rosé. They all tasted as good as I had hoped. Others feasted on Boeuf Bourguignon, baguettes, quiches and crêpes stuffed with Nutella. Tip of the day: don't wear a white dress whilst eating Nutella crêpes.

Golden Pies

Rabbit Pie and Rosé

Cornichon and Saucisson
Saucisson Cone

Nutella Croissant

French Macarons
I wanted all the macarons but restrained myself to three.

Raspberry, Lemon and a very patriotic Vanilla - Vive La France

Nutella Crepe
Delicious Nutella Crêpe
Chocolate Jam

Le Vin

Gin and tonic
Sneaky G&T - very refreshing

The crowd was crazy busy but it was great to see so many people coming out to show their love and support for France and the French people of Australia.


Paris to Provence

Paris to Provence


Christmas decorations
Christmas is everywhere if you look hard enough.


French flag bunting

We all had a fantastic day and I for one cannot wait until Paris To Provence rolls around again next year. Feeling very inspired for So Frenchy, So Chic in January!

Blue Cow
I made a new friend. Her name is Bleu ;)

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