22 Dec 2015

Festive Dog Treats

Decadent But Different
Peanut butter wholemeal treats.

If your fur-babies are anything like the fur-babies in my family they 100% know that Christmas Day is the day they get ALL THE TREATS!

Just as we are careful about what we put into our own bodies or our families bodies we should pay close attention to what we give our pets. A lot of the store bought pre-packaged dog treats are really high in sodium and artificial colours and flavourings so make sure you are checking the ingredients before you purchase.

To avoid the hassle and worry why not make your own? I can't lay claim to the recipe as i found it here>

Just make sure you are using all natural peanut butter that is salt free and I went for the hot water option rather than milk because who wants to run the risk of having a fur-baby with an upset tummy on Christmas? I added egg for a shiny coat.

Dog Biscuits

Pretty little stars all in a row.

Dog Biscuits

I cut mine into stars because Christmas, placed a good amount in brown paper gift bags, tied a ribbon on for tree hanging purposes and sealed them up. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to put the treats in a cellophane bag first as the oil from the peanut butter does start to seep through the paper bag.

Dog biscuits gift bag

Dog Treats Christmas Tree

Happy baking! And remember, love makes them taste better.


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