28 Dec 2015

Four Pillars Gin Distillery, Healesville, Victoria

The Gin Mill
Healesville Yarra Valley

Healesville in the Yarra Valley, Victoria has a new attraction! Four Pillars Distillery have opened their doors for the discerning drinker of Mother's Ruin.

Yarra Valley Victoria
The full range with their tasting notes

Four Pillars Gin

Cocktail Set
The most beautiful cocktail set I have ever seen.

Gin Melbourne

You have a few options at their Distillery Door. If you're familiar with the range already and have a favourite you can simply order a glass in your preferred manner or you can choose from the 2 tasting paddles, neat ($10) or G&T($12). My daycation buddies and I decided the G&T paddle was the one for us and toted them into the outside courtyard to sip in the sun. You get to try 3 gins out of the range with individual garnishes to enhance the tasting notes, served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Melbourne Gin

We started with the Spiced Negroni Gin served with a slice of blood orange, also known as their 'Cocktail Gin' according to our friendly waitress. This one was my favourite of the three, definite spiced flavour but still maintaining that unmistakable gin taste.
The second tried was the Navy Strength, for a 58.8% proof spirit it is oh so smooth. Distilled with Finger Limes it has a more traditional flavour than the first and it would be very easy to forget the alcohol content.
Our last vial with a lemon garnish contained the Barrel Aged which is firstly distilled and then aged in French Oak barrels. To my untrained pallet this just tasted like a really nice gin, no discernible flavour notes but still very delicious. Lets face it, I would very happily sip on any of them.

If you are a gin drinker but have never tried anything beyond Gordon's or Beefeater you are missing our Mr (or Ms)! Australia has so many small batch gin distilleries now that it is basically a crime if you're still drinking the imports. Whilst they tend to be slightly more expensive you definitely get what you pay for. Word of warning though, once you switch to the local brew you will not be able to go back to the mass produced brands.

Four Pillars Distillery is now on my must-go-to list when visiting the Yarra Valley, CHEERS!

Four Pillars Distillery

Yarra Valley Victoria


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