9 Jan 2016

DIY Coffee Scrub

Body Scrub

I was extremely lucky the other day to be gifted some unspent Campos coffee grounds so I decided to turn them into an all natural face and body scrub. Side note: if you haven't tried Campos coffee go get you some because it is delicious!

Here's how I did it if you would like to try making your own.


1 Cup Coffee Grounds
2 Tbs Coconut Oil (liquified)
1 Tbs Active Manuka or Raw Honey
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon


Raw Organic Coconut Oil

Manuka Honey


1. In a bowl mix coffee grounds and cinnamon
2. In a jug stir together liquified coconut oil and honey until combined
3. Pour coconut oil and honey liquid over the coffee mixture and stir until it looks like damp earth
4. Spoon into a cute container with an air tight lid and slather all over your body during your next shower.

Natural body scrub

I love using this coffee scrub in my morning shower, be wary using it at night if you are caffeine sensitive. I made that mistake once and was awake until 3am!
This scrub leaves your skin feeling really smooth and hydrated (thanks coconut oil) and the caffeine in coffee is known to help with redness and inflammation, plus rumour has it that it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. I find the scrub gentle enough to use on my face as well as my body but I suggest you do a test patch first before sloughing it all over.

Enjoy! Tag me in your picture on Instagram if you make it or let me know in the comments below what you think.


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