27 Feb 2016

Achieving in 2016

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Setting and achieving goals

More and more recently I have been thinking a lot about what I want out of my life and what i need to achieve in 2016 to get myself there.

One of my biggest hurdles when it comes to getting what I want is my mindset. I am constantly doubting myself, my abilities, whether people even care about what I'm saying, etc. etc. So it makes sense that this needs to change in order to start kicking some serious goals.

I stumbled across Think.Grow.Prosper. on Instagram who offer a free '7 day Mindset Shift mini email course'. Each day for 7 days your receive an email from Ruben Chavez that contains different motivational stories/advice and activities designed to shift the way you think. Day 1 you are guided into asking yourself some confronting questions around what is your ideal and what is stopping you from living your ideal.

I love this quote by Ruben later in the course about why you should write your goals down, "There's just something powerful about writing it down. It's like ordering off the menu of life!". I have mine written down in a few places so I can read it and remind myself what all of my hard work is for when ever I need a motivation boost.

I can't recommend Think.Grow.Prosper. enough. The Instagram account is motivational, the blog entries on the website are inspirational and the free mini email course has truly helped me to focus on the steps I need to take to create my ideal life.

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Some other bloggers that I have found to be really great a giving advice for achieving and just generally living a more fulfilling life are:

Blissfully Rebecca - a food, nutrition and lifestyle blog. Rebecca's imagery is beautiful and she really does have some solid advice when it comes to managing stress and generally living a more blissful life.

Mint Notion - Created and run by Eden this blog is great for learning new ways to "live large on a small budget". I really enjoy Eden's writing style and have found so many of her posts helpful. I have definitely adjusted my spending perspective since coming across Mint Notion and am currently in the middle of a no-buy thanks to this post>

The Londoner - This blog is purely inspirational for me. Rosie's post content is witty, her images stunning, her adventures envy worthy and her personal style is super chic. The quality level on The Londoner in both content and imagery is what I am aspiring to on my blog.

Let me know in the comments below how you find motivation. Are there any other blogs that I should be checking in to regularly?



  1. Think Grow Prosper is a great account, I just started following them as well. Good luck with the No-Buy Challenge, I'm happy to hear that my post inspired you. That means a lot to me. Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  2. Thanks Eden! I look forward to reading your next post :) Have a great weekend also!