2 Oct 2016

USA Photo Diary 2016 - Santa Monica


Hello Daycationers! After an absence of a few months I am back refreshed and renewed, ready to share some more of my adventures with you. Late June this year Myself, the Mr, Lil Sis and her Mr. nabbed ourselves some insanely inexpensive flights to the USA and back. So off we set on a grand adventure. 

DAY 1:

We landed at LAX at approximately 7am. With crossed fingers we made our way to the hotel in an Uber hoping we would be able to check in early. Luck was on our side and we were awarded with not only a check in but an upgrade and an incredible view of Universal Studios. We had chosen to stay at the Hilton Universal City so on park day (DAY 2) we wouldn't have so far to travel to get into our bed after the exhausting thrill of spending a day on coasters, trains and in lines. We are still patting ourselves on our backs for this decision, it suited us perfectly.
My sole goal for day 1 was to make it to the beach and finally explore Santa Monica, a place i have wanted to see ever since Savage Garden sang about it. Once we made it to the pier, after a brief detour to Trader Joe's for pickle flavoured popcorn (so good, wish I had more), I was not disappointed with what I was greeted with. Santa Monica is B-E-A-Utiful. I would love to spend some solid time staying there. After walking the pier and riding the ferris wheel we rested our jet lagged legs at a fetching, albeit pricey local restaurant called Water Grill. Munching on tasty fish tacos, the freshest oysters and sipping delicious cocktails we marveled the interior design. Personally I would choose somewhere much more casual next time but it was a nice way to celebrate the first day of holidays.


The view from our room at Hilton Universal City.


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